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Diet and your gut microbiome

When you eat high amounts of animal protein and low carbohydrates, you are starving the bacteria that keep your gut healthy.  The high amounts of animal protein travel to the colon and are fermented there. When this happens, the environment for the bacteria changes. The pH of the colon increases which causes a reduction in the healthful bacteria that produce butyrate.

Can I still eat protein?  Yes, you should always eat some type of protein! Your body needs it for muscles and to function. But you should balance it with complex carbohydrates too.  Your plate should be ¼ protein such as a lean meat, ¼ whole grain like brown rice or a potato, and ½ vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower, carrots


Think of a colorful plate – like a rainbow.

What are non-animal sources of protein?

Plant-proteins are always a good option as well such as from soy (tofu), beans (black beans and pinto beans), legumes (lentils and chickpeas), nuts, and grains like quinoa. Avocado even can be a good source of protein. Eating plant-based meals a few times per week is always a good idea for your gut and overall health.  An added bonus, these plant proteins feed the bacteria that are best for our gut.

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