Program Highlights


Multi-disciplinary collaborative team to advance the field of microbiome with clinical microbiome therapeutics


  1. Strengthen the collaborative efforts between as many clinical and research units by integrating microbiota restorations as complementary and/or supplemental treatment regimens.

  2. Streamline access to current microbiota restoration options and eventually explore/integrate additional options.

  3. Develop a feasible, scalable, and structured process to maintain momentum and prepare for potential growth opportunities of offering microbiome therapies.

  4. Expand the analytical potential and complexities of microbiome and resistome analyses in an innovative and sustainable fashion.


  1. Funding for clinical therapeutic microbiome interventions (probiotics, fecal transplant, spore pills, bacteriotherapy)

  2. Surrogate markers and signals for gut dysbiosis and gut health (rectal swab culture and sequencing)

  3. Sequencing analytics core/team: Microbiome and Resistome work (bioinformatics support and pipelines)